Designated Inventor in 38 countries for 28 patents (2011-2013) European Patent Office
Designated Inventor in US for 18 patents (2012-2015) United States Patent and Trademark Office
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Awarded with Lean & Six Sigma concept implementation Diploma (2004) Flextronics Corporation
Four Star Award for Commitment – Porsche Design (2012) BlackBerry
Five Star Award for Innovation – Advanced Prototyping (2012) BlackBerry
I have been exposed to electronics since my childhood (my father is a very passionate electrician with lots of ideas. I always admired his perseverance in accomplishing tasks, utilizing his creativity).

Since working with electric currents is kind of magic (the human body does not have sensors that detect or measure the electricity, which makes this field interesting and sometimes dangerous) I started experimenting various things (build toy electrical motors, transformers, induce electric arc, generate hydrogen using electrolysis, etc).
My favorite matter at school was physics, so I pursued the path of electrical engineering (I attended and graduated from Polytechnic
University of Timisoara, General Electro-technology major and Engineering Pedagogy minor).

I started my first job at Flextronics, a reputable technological manufacturer company, where I learned the processes related to electronics assembly, debugging, repairing and testing.

I moved to Canada and I started working for Blackberry, where I learned the design process from the beginning to the end, with the main focus on prototyping (Active Stylus) and hardware validation (Blackberry Classic).
I move to Communitech and started working for a startup: Lumotune, where I developed and tested the electrical system needed to drive the transparent displays.

I enjoyed working at Communitech because I was surrounded by creative and passionate people with lots of ideas, plus, I got to play table tennis from time to time, which is my favorite sport.
Since I have a passion for electronics and as well as for teaching, I decided to spread the knowledge I have in the field and created a course (theoretical + practical) that helps more people benefit of this knowledge
Please check the course description and let me know if you would like to hear more about the training program
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Electronics Engineer with 20 years experience in design, manufacturing and validation. I am exceptionally creative, self-motivated and perseverant; a winning combinations that empowers me to find solutions to the most delicate problems that arise during the various stages of design and manufacturing.







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