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Cornel is a technical expert regarding hardware problem analysis and root cause resolution. This takes determination and resourcefulness to isolate problems and communicate clearly the issue and corrective action. He’s capable of handling multiple and complex tasks with resilience, innovation and initiative. Cornel worked diligently to amass a wealth of knowledge on BlackBerry technologies and from there expanded into new realms generating multiple patents. He has a can-do attitude that influences his peers in a very positive way.
Ralph Stacey
Post Graduate Embedded System Capstone Advisor at Conestoga College
I was Cornel's direct manager @ Blackberry
We were referred to Cornel Mercea a couple of years ago when we were looking for some input into a hardware design through contacts at Communitech in Kitchener, of which we are a member.
Having access to experts like Cornel was very valuable to us. As any hardware developer knows, engineers with the experience to be able to quickly understand a new problem domain and provide helpful input are few and far between, and the majority of such talent that remains is tied up in the industry - inaccessible to the burgeoning startup.
Cornel provided very useful input as to our board design and connected us with an engineering company to perform a formal review. His advice was practical, and his industry connections were valuable.
Doris Mittwollen
I received advice from Cornel at SafeSump Inc @ Communitech
I worked with Cornel as a co-op student at Lumotune during the summer of 2016. As our team's electrical engineering lead, Cornel led the design of a complex power electronic system used to drive displays. In addition to having an excellent understanding of circuit design, Cornel has an extremely versatile set of hands-on skills including troubleshooting, soldering, rework, and testing. At Lumotune, Cornel also acted as an adept teacher and helped me strengthen my practical skills. These tools have been invaluable in all of my positions in electrical engineering and will surely continue to benefit me in the future.
I was directly supervised by Cornel @ Lumotune
During my last co-op term at Lumotune Inc., Cornel was my team leader, mentor and career coach. Cornel’s positive attitude and dedication for his work inspired me to work hard, challenge myself and learn as much as I can. There are far too many lessons I learnt from Cornel over my 4 month co-op term, with one of the most important lessons being: how to approach really difficult challenges/problems. Cornel’s expertise in hardware, his passion for his work and his positive attitude enabled him to solve many of the biggest challenges that Lumotune faced. Cornel loves mentorship, teaching and knowledge sharing which enabled him to train and teach all employees in a really short period of time while making the experience enjoyable and rewarding. Cornel also took time to understand what each mentee was looking for out of their experience and tried to provide them with the guidance and work that would help them achieve their goals and be successful. Cornel has been a fantastic mentor both in and outside of work and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from him.
Just to name a few of the things that Cornel helped me to learn:
• PCB/circuit debugging best practices and techniques
• Best practices and use around lab equipment such as oscilloscopes, multi-meters, power supplies and signal generators
• Fundamentals of PCB/circuit design
• How to use circuit/PCB design software such as Altium
• How to do circuit simulations (i.e. using LTSpice)
• PCB assembly and soldering techniques
I was directly supervised by Cornel @ Lumotune
During my time working with Cornel at Lumotune, I learned many new skills, and developed greatly as an engineer. Cornel was able to pass on to me his expertise in PCB debugging, circuit simulation, and general electrical engineering design practices. Working at Lumotune with Cornel was my first electrical engineering job, and by the time my internship was over, I felt capable of tackling electrical engineering projects effectively on my own. As a team leader, Cornel not only was very capable of explaining complex topics, but also let me learn on my own while providing assistance when necessary. He assigned me projects that fit my skill level, allowing me to grow my skills on my own. Overall, Cornel was a great team leader and mentor to me. I would happily work with him again in the future!
I was directly supervised by Cornel @ Lumotune
Cornel led numerous workshops in sharing his practical and theoretical experience in debugging hardware and software. He is a very knowledgeable individual with great interpersonal skills as well. As a team member or leader, Cornel earns my highest recommendation.
I worked with Cornel @ Blackberry
Under his direction as the hardware development team leader at Lumotune, Cornel guided me through multiple hardware design iterations of the product’s complete hardware stack. He instructed weekly theory lessons on communication protocols and complex circuits. Also, Cornel taught me the how to design multi-layer PCBs, starting with the schematic capture, to layout and routing, finishing with testing and validation. In addition, he improved my soldering skills and trained me on multiple hardware debugging techniques.
I was directly supervised by Cornel @ Lumotune
Cornel is a very dedicated, diligent, and hard working professional. I've had the opportunity to work with Cornel for the past five years. His can-do attitude, analytical and communication skills, ability to stay focused and offer innovative solutions makes him a valuable team member. Cornel is enthusiastic, personable and very passionate about his work, I would recommend him highly.
Pawan Premi
P.Eng, PMP Principal Hardware Designer, IOT
I was Cornel's direct manager @ Blackberry
Cornel is an excellent mentor and teamleader for the Hardware development team at Lumotune. While I was working under Cornel, I learned a great variety of knowledge and experience. From explaining communication networks and circuit theory, to great soldering guidance, to systematic debugging and troubleshooting PCB issues. Cornel was a patient mentor, willing to take the necessary time to ensure that I understood the concepts and practical tricks of hardware.
I was directly supervised by Cornel @ Lumotune
I met Cornel within the first few weeks of arriving in KW at an event at Communitech. I was working on a project to connect companies with research and development services. Cornel was immediately extremely helpful and saw the need for a solution. Cornel has deep expertise in hardware and was willing to share his knowledge to help me succeed, especially since the project aimed to make finding services easier.
David J.P. Morris
I received advice from Cornel at CoLab @ Communitech
When I first started as a hardware engineering intern at Lumotune, I was quite new to the world of hardware development. Cornel, who was my mentor for the term, was very patient and kind with me, and did an amazing job at breaking down difficult concepts into simpler ones. He taught me the basics of schematics capturing, PCB design, and most importantly, board-level debugging. It is an under-valued skill set that can be honed only through many years of hands-on experience. During my time at Lumotune, I learned things from Cornel that I would not have been able to find even in the most acclaimed textbook.
I was directly supervised by Cornel @ Lumotune
Cornel was my team leader for the hardware team at Lumotune. Working with Cornel was amazing because it was the first time that I was working with a skilled mentor with in-depth experience and background at hardware development. I had working experienced with hardware previously but working with Cornel gave me a lot of the background knowledge of hardware fundamentals which I was missing. I especially learned about power electronics, converters, AC/DC transmission and losses, impedance and capacitance matching, and best practices with circuit design and testing. These lessons later helped me understand the proper procedure and techniques to bring up hardware in a fast yet robust manner. I believe that we need more hardware mentors line Cornel around the KW region in order for our community to succeed as a hardware enabling region.
I was directly supervised by Cornel @ Lumotune
I worked at Lumotune for my co-op term where Cornel was the Hardware Engineering Lead, and my mentor. During the 4 months of working under Cornel, I improved both my problem solving and hardware design skills; skills that are essential to my job as a Hardware Engineer. Among many, some of the valuable skills that Cornel taught me include: - Reviewing and understanding complex schematics and PCB layouts; designs involving switching/linear power supplies, high/low speed interfaces, and high voltage transformers. - Schematic capture and layout design using Altium. - Simulating and modelling complex circuits using LT Spice. - Root cause analysis and debugging issues in design and manufacturing using various debugging techniques and lab equipment. Lab equipment including oscilloscopes, logic and protocol analyzers, and multimeters. - Bringing up a board, and troubleshooting any problems that arise during this stage of development. - Designer verification testing; creating test plan to test all key components in a system, and verifying performance against specifications. - Hands on lab rework skills such as proper soldering techniques for both SMT and through-hole components. Overall, Cornel was an excellent mentor to me, and taught me very important skills that are needed in Hardware Design
I was directly supervised by Cornel @ Lumotune
Cornel was one of the first mentors that I have ever had in my career as an engineer. His unique combination of dedication, expertise, and patience has helped me grow massively. Anybody who has watched Cornel work can easily say that he stops at nothing to get the job at hand done. From all the extra hours he is willing to put in to all of the extra equipment he goes out of his way (and out of his pocket) to provide, it is easy to see the dedication that permeates from him. Furthermore, his expertise is just as easily noticed from the decades of experience he brings to the table. Problems are solved quickly and effectively all while being able to provide solid reasoning on his choices. Finally, as someone who formerly reported to him, my favourite trait is his patience. Things do not always work easily in the field of engineering and from my experience this holds true just about everywhere. It is easy to be frustrated in such situations but Cornel is always calm/collected through it all (and it's contagious). Overall it is safe to say that you can't go wrong working with Cornel. He brings all the ingredients of success to the table and is willing to share those ingredients with others.
I was directly supervised by Cornel @ Lumotune

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